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100g solder paste

We often hear solder paste, solder paste, solder paste and solder paste. These professional words look almost the same, is not a product, the following Ningbo Zhonggong Technology solder wire manufacturers to analyze for you:
In fact, solder paste, solder paste and solder paste are the same thing, that is, solder paste, just called different, English is the solder paste. Many people will use solder paste and solder paste as a product, which is actually different. Solder paste is solder paste. Its main component is a paste-like body composed of a metal alloy powder. The solder paste is different, mainly for the role of a flux, its main components are rosin, active agents and solvents. Solder paste will add a certain proportion of solder paste during the manufacturing process.
The role of solder paste: alloy powder: complete the mechanical and electrical connection between the electronic components and the circuit board. The role of solder paste, the carrier of tin powder particles, provides suitable rheology and wet strength. It facilitates heat transfer to the weld zone, reduces the surface tension of the solder, and prevents reoxidation of the solder and solder surface during soldering. The soldering surface and the oxide layer of the tin powder particles are removed to form a protective layer and a safe residue layer on the surface of the solder joint. Solder paste for solder paste can be matched with solder paste (tin, silver, copper, tantalum, lead), and can be matched with high, medium and low temperature solder powder (100-260) °C. After being formulated into a solder paste, it has good solderability, continuous printing, and less residue.
Solder Paste: In summary, solder paste, solder paste, solder paste and solder paste are actually two products, solder paste and solder paste. From the appearance, the solder paste and the solder paste can be distinguished by the naked eye. The solder paste is yellowish, the solder paste will be gray or black, because the tin paste is added to the solder paste, and the paste of the solder paste is used. To the fluxing effect.
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