Ice Cream Store Concept Design

A few months back, I was asked to come up with a brand new concept for a local ice cream company that was opening their first store here. Right off the bat, I told them to stay faaar away from the dreaded Pinkberry clone phenomenon. You know what I'm talking about - cheap white modern furniture, lots of white laminate, and neon colors.

Yes, Taylor Swift likes ice cream!
The ice cream these guys make is not only incredibly good, it's amazing to look at - really colorful with lots of texture and personality. I wanted to create a space that would showcase their brilliant concoctions (which are a mashup of different dessert elements with ice cream) by dialing back the color pallete quite a bit, amping up the texture, and mixing up design elements in unique ways. Like having a wood floor on the ceiling and high quality artificial grass on the wall. The lighting was a combination of classical crystal chandeliers and homemade mason jar fixtures to further the "mashup" concept. I retained a bit of the brand's signature colors in the counter, tables (which are made from recycled pallets), and seating.

The shelving and prep areas behind the counter are made of recycled wood and merchandised with the ingredients used to make the ice cream (which is made on site!), as well as the other schwag they sell. The daily flavors would change often and be creatively written on a huge chalkboard. I really wanted it to have elements that would be reminiscent of both an old time general store, and a soda fountain, but without actually reproducing either of those spaces. This needed to feel like something new.

Unfortunately, even though the client loved the concept, they ultimately decided that they didn't have the budget right now to do a complete overhaul of the existing space. Hopefully that will change in the near future though!

The renderings here are definitely kind of rough, but the design was changing constantly (almost daily), so I wasn't really able to do really nice renderings of every iteration.

Event area with metal ceiling

...and another version with a living wall and wooden acoustic drop ceiling.


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