29 Design Lessons from Domino Magazine

So this is old news by now, but apparently Domino is back. (Belated Yay!) I knew that they had published several quarterly editions that collected material from the old original mag, but since I already own all of those, I never saw any reason to pick it up. But somewhere along the way, I missed the announcement that they were publishing new stuff now.

Initially I was really excited, but then I kind of went...meh. Don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna buy it and support it because I'm old and I still like to actually turn pages in a real, honest to God magazine. And also because I'm not allowed to take my wife's iPad into the bathroom. (Have I shared too much again?)

But do we really still need Domino? It was a breath of fresh air when it debuted, but since it's untimely and unexpected demise, a whole lotta stuff has rushed in to fill that void... Apartment Therapy, Lonny, Design Sponge, a lot of really great blogs. I mean a lot. And the mother of them all - Pinterest. Were people actually still pining for Domino or just wistful for the days when Domino was the go to source for good design for the non Elle Decor set? Time will tell, but I think that they will definitely need to bring a fresh perspective to the new magazine to get people to shell out money for it when they can get an all-you-can-design buffet of great content online.

Here's a great article from Buzzfeed from a few months back that is spot on...

29 Design Lessons We Learned From Domino Magazine

There's some really great advice in there. I had to be sure to point out number 1 to my wife especially... We're constantly arguing about my ever expanding collection of "crap that needs to be framed". Even uttering the phrase "gallery wall" is guaranteed to elicit a fairly withering look from her

A few of my favorites:

#2 You can never have too many photos

#3 Paint your ceilings

#10 Mix and match your art

#15 Light fixtures can make the room

#26 Always consider the unexpected

You can check out the original article on Buzzfeed here.
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