What's happened to House Beautiful? Or, how awesome is Living, Etc.?

Wow, I just got the latest House Beautiful and I'd say it lasted about 5 minutes before it hit the recycle bin (And then immediately got pulled out because I remembered I have a friend that I give all my design mags to!). I thought about it and realized that I've done the same thing for the last few months. It used to be one of my favorite magazines, but the last year or so I've noticed that it seems to be more skewed towards the Barbara Barry set (or even Barry herself, as in this months issue!). Which is fine, if that's your cup of beige linen tea...but it definitely ain't mine.
Oddly enough, when I went to their website to find pics for this post, the several galleries I thumbed through had a lot of really smooth looking rooms in them, most of them not dowdy at all. I assume that these must have been used before the last year or so because they don't look like anything I've seen lately in the pages of House Beautiful.

FRESH IDEAS! (from 1976!)

Oh well, I guess there's always still Living, Etc. I know it's British and it's obscenely expensive for a monthly magazine, but I never cease to find something droolworthy in it's colorful imported pages. True, most of the projects in it are pretty high end, but they also seem much more relatable to me. And the designs they feature push the envelope a little.

Other than my complete set of old Domino mags (Jealous?), Living, Etc. is the only thing I bother keeping after I read it. My collection from the past few years has gotten a lot of repeated thumbing through. (Full disclosure, I haven't received any compensation from Living, Etc. for writing this post, but in case they read this, I wouldn't turn down a free subscription! Y'know what I'm sayin'? Or a discount. $177 a year? Really?)

Ahhh...Now that's better

Seriously. I want a white stuffed peacock. What's wrong with me?

All pics above from the pages of Living, Etc.

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