The Mainstreaming of Color Crazy - Adler and Doonan's Awe Inspiring Abode

I am loving this total influx of awesomely colorful interior design that I'm starting to see in more and more places. It's been gaining steam for a while now thanks to the whole "modern/graphic/neo Hollywood Regency" thing (May it rest in peace), but I think we're just now really seeing the mainstreaming of eclectic design. Which is good and bad for me. I love "collected" interiors, but I don't like doing what everyone else is doing. The only saving grace is that it's exceedingly hard to do it well.

There are only a few designers out there (that I've seen) that can expertly curate a room with an exquisite collection of everyday items that the 99% can afford and still have it look like a million bucks. Like Emily Henderson, here...

and here...

And then there are designers like Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan, who's powers combine like some sort of Designer Wonder Twins ("Form of, a giant brass eagle!"... "Shape of, a lucite chandelier!") to create something beyond cool.

The new Lonny has pics of their incredible place together. Please put on your safety

All pics via Lonny Magazine

I warned you didn't I? Can you still see colors when you close your eyes?

Now, the truth is, with an almost unlimited budget and amazing design resources...this is still incredible. It's difficult to successfully combine this much crazy into one place without it getting out of control. Most people think they can just throw everything together and call it a day, but much like how it takes me 30 freakin' minutes to get my hair to look like I couldn't be bothered to comb it, creating a space like this isn't easy. And it's not something that has a lot of rules either (like most good design).

What's cool about it too is that more and more people are into it. I feel like 15 years ago, most people would have just turned their noses up at a place like this, but now, not so much. I mean, to be sure, Darth Pottery Barn still controls the Design Empire. But maybe the acceptance of something other than espresso wood veneer by the public at large bodes well for the future of interior design. (And job security for designers!)

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