Can't Stop Drooling over this bedroom

So my $500 home decorating challenge has hit a slight hiccup. A few weeks ago, I was at Kirkwood Park desperately trying to escape the clutches of a group of roaming Zombies (aka - my kids), when I decided that instead of climbing down the rock wall at the playground, I would just fall off the top of it instead. Y'know. Cause it's quicker. The only possible drawback is that I hyperextended my knee - rupturing my meniscus and completely severing my ACL. Good times.

So after a little complete ACL replacement surgery (with an ACL from an organ donor, so now my kids think that I'm really part Zombie. Seriously.), I haven't been mobile enough to really get around to shopping and DIY projects. But soon...soon. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to post pics of the after.

In the meantime, how awesome is this bedroom. It's my obsession of the week.

I love everything about this room. The pseudo minimalism of it...the fantastic contrast between the rich browns in the wood and the stark whites of the bedding and walls...the fireplace and amazing lighting... It's just the right combination of industrial/modern, but in such a way that it doesn't seem cold or uncomfortable. I'm seriously thinking about having a bed like this fabricated.

Here's the best part though... It's not even a real space. It's a rendering! You can see more of the loft that it's in here...


  1. Dear Rohde,

    SO SORRY to learn of your injury just now; hoping that you are well on the road to recovery. One good thing about being laid up is catching up on magazines, Pinterest, etc. and resourcing cool blog subjects as you show in this bedroom! Best, Renee



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