Utterly Transfixing Abandoned Monuments

I know this is an interiors blog, but every once in a while I see something that so captivates me that I just feel the need to share it...

And it's architecture, so it's close enough to interiors. Right on the other side of the wall actually! Get it? Get it? Other side of the wall? Ahem. Anyway, as I was saying, check these out:

Wow. My jaw hit the floor when I saw these.

Although we talked a lot about the origins of modernism and it's massively misguided experiments in places like Brasilia in architecture school, I have somehow never heard of these masterpieces of art and architecture that populate the wilds of the former Yugoslavia. Built at the height of the cold war as memorials for WWII battles and concentration camps, they were apparently abandoned after the dissolution of Yugoslavia in the 90's. I think

I found these over at beautifuldecay.com and I like the way the article's author Danny Olda put it:

"The grouping of monuments have not only been abandoned by visitors but also their meaning and symbolism.  They ask serious questions regarding the nature of monuments in the sculptural tradition.  What is a memorial when it no longer memorializes anything?"

I think that their states of disrepair add immeasurably to their appeal, but I hope someone steps in at some point to keep them from disappearing forever. Jan Kempenaers, the photographer that took these shots has collected them in a book available over at Amazon...

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