What is Wrong With People? Seriously?

When I read news stories online, I try my best to not even casually glance at the comments section at the bottom lest I be completely sucked down into the cesspool of trolldom.

And I want this blog to be about cool, positive stuff. Really, I do. My kids have also forced me to watch Bambi, clockwork orange style, approximately fifty times by now, and like Thumper says, "If you can't say somethin' nice... don't say nothin' at all."

So last night I was reading a seemingly innocuous enough piece of fluff by PopSugar on Yahoo about interior designer Angela Evans' remodel of a 19th century Cape Cod home that was in dire need of updating, and I made the mistake of glancing at the comments.
Now, to be honest, I don't agree with all her design choices, and there weren't any before pictures of the interior to show contrast... but WOW are people nasty!

Here are a few of the worst...

"Just because you use a lot of words to describe it, it doesn't make it look good."

"Horrible. Exact opposite of what a beach house should look like."


"Yeah, what could be duller than books??"


"BLACK walls? Ah, no thanks!"

"Dreadful; looks like a cheap run down motel."

"Nothing impressed me. Who wrote and edited this #$%$"

"Didn't think much of it before. Still don't."

"Not a very inviting place. It may be a beach house, but not a beach home"

"So chalk dust is a design element?"

"Each picture is uglier than the one before if that's possible!"

"I guess this is what you call "cosy" (sic) - or "cramped."

"Junky looking."

"Nothing special about this place."

"nice little hose (sic), has tons of potential. Nothing I saw here touched the potential... everything she did looked cheap and too trendy. Guess the Cap'n wouldn't care much for it."

"I agree...not impressed. I thought the very first picture was the "before" picture, lol."

To be sure, there are some wonky styling choices in the photos, like the sheepskin in the middle of the kitchen, but man guys - give her a break. As I mentioned, it's not my style personally, but how sad are people that have so little going on in their lives that they feel the need to write something like, "UGLY!! Reminds me of my great Aunt's musty-smelling house!" about someone else's home?

Even remotely constructive criticism would have been fine. But not the rude nastiness that's there.

Ok. So I'm off my soapbox now. I just can't stand seeing someone's obviously creative labors ridiculed in such a public forum for no good reason. It's just bullying. If you looked at the pictures and didn't like the place then just move on. Find one you like and then feel free to write all about it. People just lose their minds when they strap in to their computers these days...

So, to Alison...Good Job and keep up the good work. I'm sure that your place, like mine, is a work in progress. And not everybody on the internet is a troll.

I know I have like, a total of three people reading this blog by now (Hi mom!), but what do you all think? Am I being ridiculous? Or is it really too much to ask that people be even remotely polite about something as inconsequential as a slideshow about a house?


  1. Agreed. To each their own. I won't always like everything I see, and I'm sure some people walk into my house and want to scream. Sometimes, I find amazing ideas hiding in the design of another,and I'm inspired to do something new in my own spaces.



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