Stuff I Want: CB2's Atomic Lobster Floor Lamp

This thing is a work of art.

Scratch that, this thing is a work of art that you can actually afford! Ok, $300 isn't exactly free, but in my line of work, $300 doesn't buy a whole lot of pretty anymore.
Is it in MOMA's permanent collection yet? It should be. I guess it's been out since last year, but somehow I missed it. Why did no one show me this? You guys can't just assume that I know about every cool thing on the interwebs. I am just one guy. Anyway, I've been looking for an alternative to an Arco lamp for years and this just might be the one...

Awesome name too. BTW, I think I'm going to change my band's name to Atomic Lobster. Just a thought.

Link here..


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