Street Graffiti as Interior Art?

Lately, I find I'm really digging the look of graffiti in otherwise polished interiors - this despite the fact that I can't remember how to spell graffiti to save my life (Why do I always think it's two t's and one f?).

It's honestly a little trite, especially in these times - A posh setting with "urban" art in it. There's something disingenuous about it I guess. It transcends just extreme contrast, which I think is the hallmark of distinctive design. Real graffiti art is art of the people, for the people. It's anti elitist by it's very nature. So it's somewhat ironic to see one of Banksy's stolen murals being auctioned off in Miami for probably a huge sum.

Much better song titles courtesy of Banksy
I've always been fascinated with street tags and graffiti art anyway, but when I discovered Banksy (the greatest, most subversive artist since Warhol) a few years ago, I really began to appreciate what it was all about. Does anyone remember his stunt with Paris Hilton's CD? Yeah, that got my attention.

By the way, if you haven't seen his movie "Exit Through the Gift Shop", it's available on Netflix. Prepare to have your mind blown.

I'm getting way off the subject though...

There have been a lot of other artists and designers that have started incorporating street "graffiti" into their work, but a lot of times it just feels hollow and inauthentic somehow (cough, cough - Jimmie Martin - cough, cough). That said however, if done right, it can look pretty cool in an interior.

This is an utterly amazing space. I feel a post dedicated just to this room coming on...



I love the idea of defacing a nice piece of furniture with my kids as a project. They were really on trend with this look - I mean, they were using sharpie markers on my furniture years ago. But the caveat here is that this only really works if it looks very purposeful, i.e. it's done in a room that has a very sophisticated, glamorous (read, expensive) and edgy look to it.  If you try this on a La-Z-Boy in a beige-box apartment, it'll just look like you can't afford to replace the furniture that your kids drew on. A double standard to be sure...


I love the absence of color here...very original. No seriously, that sounded sarcastic, but I meant it.


Oh, Kelly Wearstler...I love/hate you. I feel a post about her comin' on too.



I like this, but it's a little bit too...designed, I think.


Ok, maybe Jimmie Martin's stuff doesn't always suck. I love this apartment that used their wallpaper on big (wooden?) panels that can be moved around like art. I think I saw this in Domino (God rest it's soul) some years ago...


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