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Off topic for just a sec...

I have this tendency to go overboard on things. Particularly when it comes to either my kids or any kind of design project. And when the two mix...boom! My head explodes. So when my 4 year old came home from daycare with a note explaining that he was the "super kid" of the week and that I needed to make a very simple little bio page for him ("VERY SIMPLE!" my wife said over my shoulder about a dozen times that night). With a few family pictures and maybe a few magazine cutouts of stuff that he likes to do, eat, etc. Well...I knew what I had to do: Go completely batshit crazy and spend waay too much time making a "bio" page that was simultaneously a family portrait, told a little about the stuff he likes, and was also a comic book.

Now, I know just enough about Photoshop to think I can do great things with it, but in reality my PS "projects" are usually a big fat fail. I think this one came out half decent though. I think I'll frame a copy and hang it in his room.

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