CRAZY SH!T I LOVE: NeatoRama's Brass FOAM Skulls!

I'm one of those weirdo's that's always been fascinated with natural curiosities like taxidermied animals, horns, skeletons, etc. So I was super stoked when I started seeing skulls plastered all over the place in interior design circles. A few years ago I bought one of ZGallerie's cool Damian Hirst inspired skulls. And it lived proudly on my coffee table where I enjoyed it immensely...until the day my 3 year old son picked it up and cheerfully tossed it across the room (he thought it would bounce). I was still finding pieces a month later.  I bought another one, but it has to live somewhere that my son and my cat can't destroy it. Which is in a box right now. I take it out to visit and for pictures, but it's just not the same.

Then, a few weeks ago, I found this:

neatorama - here
neatorama - here

I know, right?  It's so freakin' cool. It's pretty close to actual size (unlike the ZGallerie one) and the detailing is amazing - but it's a soft foam. I snapped one up right away (got the last gold one!) and it looks just as good as the product pics. Everyone that sees it thinks it's brass, so I usually pick it up and toss it across the room to them. And that was really fun until someone dropped a martini glass trying to catch what they thought was a 15 pound brass bowling ball being tossed at their head. So now, not so much with the throwing.

But, if this one bounces, it actually bounces! No harm done. Now I just have to keep the dog from chewing it up if it does end up on the floor...
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  1. Love this! How do you work in these types of elements without looking like a member of the Adams family? I'm always afraid of going overboard with the odd/weird pieces.

  2. Ha! Yeah, I run that risk too. It's a fine line to walk. I try to keep things from getting too heavy by adding color and other objects that are a little more humorous and not so death-y.



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