Crazy Sh!t I Love: Janelle Monae's Vampire Skull Record Player

Welcome to the first installment of Crazy Sh!t I Love. I'm still working on the title, leave me alone. This is my showcase for some of the cool stuff I find out on the plains of the world wide web. Stuff that usually elicits a, "No Way! I gotta get one of those!" response as soon as I see it. It's usually weird stuff that I know either 1.) is insanely impractical and/or expensive or 2.) will never pass the all important "casually show it to my wife and mention that I'd sure like one of those" test.

There will probably be lots of those...

Ok, so check this out: I'm cruising through Apartment therapy this morning when I come across a post about Janelle Monae's new video for Q.U.E.E.N. So I watched it (I will NOT become the parent that forces their kids to listen to "oldies") and BAM, at about the 45 second mark there it is: The coolest (fake) record player I've ever seen...

I don't exaggerate when I say, I have to have this. I am dedicating my life to making one of these. At the very least, how cool would this look on a coffee table, even if it didn't function. Or it could be the worlds creepiest cupcake platter. I don't know, the point is I will have one. As soon as I convince my wife.

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