White Painted Floors - The Dream Continues

I've been rather obsessed lately with painted floors. White painted floors specifically. I know, I know...I have kids. I have a dog. I wear my shoes in the house. ("These aren't the floors you're looking for.") Clearly I'm insane. The problem is this...

...quite possibly my favorite interior of all time. I love everything about this elusive place (I can't figure out exactly where it is). It bohemian chic, sophisticated and artistic, but casual and unfussy at the same time...It achieves everything I like to accomplish in a design. If it were possible to marry a room, this would be the one.

But I digress...I'm talking about the floors right now. I love the aged white painted floorboards. These are what I'm after in my place. And a silver couch (sorry honey, but I want it!). The problem I have is, my floors are too nice to do this to. Yeah, I know...first world problems (Send your emails to Brian Williams c/o NBC Nightly News). Hey, I've done my time and then some, living in apartments with cheap, dirty beige carpet, so shush. And I'm thankful that the place we live now has actual wood floors. But one of the challenges here is that we don't get a lot of natural light. I can't even grow a spider plant in this cave. If we end up buying it, I think that I might get Scandinavian on this place. That's a new thing BTW. I coined it just now to replace "getting Medieval". I want to paint the walls and floors white and add lots of colorful art and furnishings. I'm usually very daring with my designs, but I'm kind of chicken about painting the floors white. What if it just doesn't work? It would be sooo expensive to have them refinished. Truthfully, it may also negatively affect the resale too much to be feasible. Heavy sigh. I'll just have to wait until I buy my Modern Weekend Farmhouse in a few years. Then I'm going to get Scandinavian on that bitch. In the meantime, pretty pictures:


(Update: I found my elusive dream house! It's called Chocolate Towers...)


  1. pretty interesting, but I'd like to add something here, the stairs are black which is great but i think you should put some fancy lights on stairs don't you think. and another thing is don't you think a handmade Persian rug or some carpet could make it more beautiful.i like rugs thats why, anyways nice blog though.



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