5 Interior Design Trends to Embrace This Year...

Now that I've got my bitching and moaning about the stuff I hate out of the way, I can write about the good stuff. Once again, I wrote this for St. Louis Magazine about a year ago. Am I a wizard? Can I see the future? Yes. Yes I can. That's why I'm buying Avocado Green appliances for my new kitchen. Laugh now, but you'll see.

So here are 5 things I think are going to be hot this year (2012)...

Not the cheap looking stuff that reminds you of that horrible side table that your mom had in the 80’s.  I’m talking about the good stuff – pieces with a vintage feel and patina and that have a little weight and heft to them.  Mix liberally with a dose of…

I was a little slow to warm up to this one (I’m still crushing on pink!), but it’s grown on me lately.  A very versatile and cheery color that can be used in                         small accents or large doses equally well (Unlike you, Tangerine Tango!)

3.      Genuine Moroccan Anything
Kilims, Rugs, textile patterns…it’s all good as long as it’s the real deal.  Or at least close. Not the graphic “Moroccan inspired” Hollywood Regency stuff that’s been all the rage for the last few years. The more beat up, the better. 

4.       Natural Curiosities
Using taxidermy, antlers, and other natural specimens in moderation is a really interesting way to add depth and mystery to a space. The key word here is moderation - this trend has been building and hanging around for a while now, so it may hit maximum saturation soon. Organic objects in general work in both modern and traditional spaces but really seem to pop when used in contrast to their surroundings. If taxidermy isn't your thing, then other natural objects such as shells, nests, or antler sheds also work great.

5.      Milk Glass
I’ve always liked milk glass, but it’s intimidating. If used wrong, it can seem dated and stodgy; like you raided that weird, dusty, corner cabinet that everyone's Grandma has in her dining room. But used right, it can provide rich texture and contrast, particularly in a contemporary interior. I see big things for milk glass this year.

Ok, ok. So in hindsight, 2012 wasn't the year of Milk Glass...But there's always 2013.


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